Unlock your teaching potential Expand your reach & earn handsomely Start Teaching
Who can be an Instructor?
Experienced Instructors Expand the reach of your expertise and earn handsomely
Part-time Instructors Add an additional source of income
Homemakers/Bright Students Become financially independent sitting at home or hostel
Benefits at Achimo
Variety of course formats Skill based - short term, Regular tuitions
Flexible teaching model Traditional Blackboard based, Advanced online tool based
Build your personal brand through a free personal webpage, automatically created
Decide the batch size Choose anywhere from 1 to 100 students in your batch
Learners from across the world Conduct your session from anywhere on a laptop/mobile with 4G or WiFi
Earning potential Use our calculator at batch creation time to determine your expected earnings per batch
How to get started?
1. Sign up at Achimo using your gmail ID
2. Register yourself as an Instructor for offering a course or subject
3. Decide your own fees frequency of classes and a batch size you are comfortable with
4. Schedule sessions and start teaching
  • Blackboard
  • A Smartphone
  • Decent Internet Connection
While a computer is ideal to conduct a proper session, you can also use a smartphone if you are stuck outside. Simply login to achimo.in from your smartphone and start the class as you do from a computer while keeping the front camera facing you.
  • Blackboard
  • Laptop with built-in mic & camera
  • Decent Internet Connection
For an effective session use a laptop with good quality camera, mic and speakers. Place it on a table with sufficient height. The blackboard should be facing the laptop and you should be within few feet of each other. You can use a bluetooth headset for smoother and better audio quality. You can use screen sharing in the video tool to share an online book or notes with everyone.
  • Blackboard
  • A Laptop
  • An external camera
  • Proper lighting
  • Decent Internet Connection
For high quality presentations, adjust the lighting so it shows your face well and doesn't cause reflection on the board. An extra camera can be added if you want to show a physical model or write on a notebook. You can also use a pen tablet if you want to write on screen.
How are Achimo Instructors chosen? Achimo is a platform that enables quality instructors to offer their knowledge imparting skills irrespective of their current professional status. We have instructors who have several years of coaching and teaching experience behind them. Achimo provides training to these instructors before bringing them onboard. Achimo also uses feedback from students to evaluate instructor's performance. Does Achimo charge me anything? No. What are the pre-requisites to attend Achimo classes online? You need two things: (1) A good internet connection (2) A laptop/mobile/desktop with effective mic, camera, and speaker.