Frequently Asked Questions

How are Achimo Instructors chosen?

Achimo is a platform that enables quality instructors to offer their knowledge imparting skills irrespective of their current professional status. We have instructors who have several years of coaching and teaching experience behind them. Achimo provides training to these instructors before bringing them onboard. Achimo also uses feedback from students to evaluate instructor's performance.

What are the pre-requisites to attend Achimo classes online?

You need two things: (1) A good internet connection (2) A laptop/mobile/desktop with effective mic, camera, and speaker.

How can I create a batch on Achimo?

Once you are verified as an Instructor for the course on achimo, you can create a batch in the following way

How can I enrol in a batch?

To enrol in a batch, follow the steps

How do I schedule more lectures for my batch?

To schedule more lectures, follow the steps

How does a live classroom on achimo look like?

Here are some sample clips to demonstrate the live classroom experience

What If I don't want to continue a particular course?

After enrolling, a participant can opt out of a course after two trial lectures. No fees shall be deducted. However, if a participant decides to drop after the trial lectures, the fees for the current billing period shall not be refunded. The billing period currently supported are monthly and one time.

How does it work?

Its pretty simple. you just need to login/ signup using yoru gmail id. Enroll for an interested course and join the class. The personalized dashboard will help you manage your past and upcoming classes.

Missed a class?

No need to worry even if you have missed a live session due to any reason. Achimo records every class and let you view at your comfortable time.

Doubt Session

Instructors are enabled to use Achimo sessions for doubts as per the needs of the participants in the batch.

How can I reduce my monthly fees?

Achimo has an innovative system to reduce the burden of your course fees. You can reduce the course fee by bringng in more participants to the batch. This facility is available till the enrollment of the batch is open.

How to offer a course?

You can create a new batch on Achimo for the available courses. While creating a batch, you will need to specify batch date & timings, fees and range of students. If you do not find a course, please email us at and we will create it.

Who decides the fees?

You. The instructor decides the fee through a simple calculator provided on the batch creation page. Instructor specifies the total fees he or she wants from the batch along with minimum and maximum number of participants allowed in the batch. Achimo combines this information and adds taxes, discounts, nominal achimo charges to compute per student fees. This is displayed on the page for Instructor to decide.

How will I get paid?

Monthly fees collected by thes students will will be credited directly to your bank account by end of each month.

Does Achimo charge me anything?